22 July 2012

Excerpt: The Princess Mage

The first 6000 or so words from a 31,000 word novella. Sadly, that means it just starts to touch on the “good” stuff (if that's what you're looking for).

I'm not cutting it off there on purpose, I assure you… it just takes some girls a while to get going :)

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AERYN STOPPED a few paces from the castle gate. This is crazy, she thought to herself.

There was a guard standing to one side of the gate, the same guard that she had seen the first two days she had come this way. The first day he had been very serious and precise as he checked her credentials and verified that she was the person she was supposed to be. The second day he had recognized her and waved her in, but his eyes had been afire with curiosity; evidently he had learned what she was.

Today he looked at her quizzically. “Is anything wrong, Miss?”

She resumed walking and smiled at the guard. “I’m okay, thank you,” she told him. Then, seeing the concern in his eyes, she added “I’m just mentally preparing myself, that’s all. I need to make sure everything’s perfect by the end of the day.”

The guard nodded and smiled understandingly. “Aye, you’re working on the King’s Garden, I hear. Wouldn’t want anything to go wrong there!”

“No,” Aeryn agreed, although in fact she wasn’t at all worried about the work she needed to do with the Garden. It was a complex job, but one which she felt complete confidence in her ability to complete. Not even the King would find fault with her work.

No, it wasn’t the King that had her worried.

She entered the castle and made her way toward the central area, from where she would begin the trek upward to the Garden. First going up about six long flights of stairs, then circling halfway around the castle, then up another four shorter flights, circling back toward the centre of the castle, then up a final two flights. It was a fairly complex route, and one not familiar with the castle could easily be expected to get lost.

The first day she had been escorted by the Seneschal, the Royal Gardener and two guards. She suspected that the Seneschal and guards were only there to impress her and convey upon her the importance of her task. However, it must have soon become apparent that Aeryn was taking the job very seriously, for on the second day only the Royal Gardener met her at the gate. He was a friendly, jovial fellow, and fortunately was completely in favour of using Witchery to make his job easier. He also made a point of not leading Aeryn through the castle.

“I just want to see if you can find your own way,” he told her. “I can’t be here tomorrow, so if you can find your own way it would make it a lot easier.”

Aeryn nodded, but she felt there was a little more to it than that. Everyone knew that Witches didn’t get lost, so he was likely testing her basic skills, just a little. While the story about Witches not getting lost wasn’t completely true, it was a fact that once a Witch had walked a path, she would never forget it.

They arrived at the Garden without incident. “Excellent!” the Gardener said. “You’ll be fine on your own tomorrow then.” And with that he gave her a little bow and departed, leaving her to work on her own.

Well, not quite on her own. That was the problem.

The problem was Jessamine. Princess Jessamine.

Well, calling her Princess probably gave the wrong impression. She wasn’t a flighty young girl with an inflated estimation of her own importance. She was an extremely serious woman approaching her twenty-fifth birthday, third in line to the throne after her two older brothers, and an extremely talented Journeyman Mage. She had no desire to rule the Kingdom and no interest in the usual pomp and pageantry that went with being part of the Royal Family. Her only interest, it was commonly known, was Magic, and her goal, or so everyone said, was to reach full Mage status by the age of thirty.

Regardless, she was still officially the Princess, and everyone called her that.

Princess or no, why is it that I can’t get her out of my head?

Yes, there was the obvious fact that she was beautiful, but that usually wasn’t enough to make Aeryn obsess to such a degree. Was it because she was a princess? Maybe, but only because she was so different from any other Royal Persons she had ever heard about.

Okay, that’s not completely true. There’s still that part of me that dreams about meeting my Princess and living happily ever after, but I don’t think it’s a strong enough dream to drive me to such distraction.

What about because she was a Mage? The thought made Aeryn chuckle. No, Mages are usually worse than royalty, so standoffish and aloof. No one dreams about sexy Mages.

In a way, it seemed that it was because Jessamine confounded all the expectations Aeryn had of what a beautiful Princess Mage should be. She was beautiful, but moreover she seemed smart, with an intense, almost academic air about her and a perpetual sense that mischief lurked just under the surface. She was a princess, but she completely avoided dressing or acting like a ‘proper’ lady of royal lineage should. And she was a Mage, but she was neither distant nor arrogant, as other Mages were always reputed to be.

And there was something else, another reason, one that had caught her completely by surprise: Jessamine’s voice. It was deep for a woman, with an underlying subtle melody, accentuated by the fact that she always spoke calmly, with a slow, measured pace, as if she knew that people would take the time to listen to her. Aeryn had never heard anyone mention the Princess’ voice, that there was anything unusual or captivating about it. That just baffles me to no end. I’ve only heard her voice a couple times and I want to tell everyone I know. Why does no one ever mention it?

Of course, how many people that Aeryn knew had ever been near the Princess, much less heard her speak?

She sighed. Pop a princess into my life and BOOM: instant turmoil.


THE PROBLEM BEGAN on Aeryn’s first day at the castle. Her task was to purify the soil of the King’s Garden. Well, ‘purify’ was what the King called it, but it wasn’t completely accurate. Yes, she did remove any toxins from the soil, whether they be physical poisons, or spectral contaminants. More importantly though, she enhanced the soil’s ability to grow things and grow them quickly. Executed correctly, the soil reached a point where it needed to make things grow, so seeds had to be planted quickly or the soil could literally die and become completely unusable.

It was all planned out, of course, in minute detail. The King had a weather Mage that had determined the exact best day to start planting, and Aeryn was called in to start her work three days before that. It wasn’t a difficult job, but it could not be rushed; soil didn’t like to hurry.

Upon her arrival the Gardener walked with her around the Garden, telling her what types of plants would be grown in various areas. For the most part she didn’t need to know exactly what plant would be grown where, but in certain cases it would be useful to tailor the soil to meet the needs of more finicky plants. Snow Roses, for instance, liked very acidic soil, and Rock Ferns needed soil that was extremely fine, almost dust-like in consistency.

Then the Gardener left so she could begin her work. That was very important; she needed to be alone in the Garden until her work was done each day.

And that was the problem… she wasn’t alone.

She didn’t realize it for a while though. She spent the first hour meditating, sinking into a state where she could mentally feel the soil around her, sensing what it needed. It was when she tried to feel the entire Garden at once, to get a general idea of what condition it was in, that she suddenly realized there was something else besides soil near her.

Surprised, she snapped out of her trance—a little too quickly. Her vision blurred and even though she was sitting down in the middle of the Garden, she felt like she could topple over at any moment.

“Sorry,” said a voice. A beautiful voice. “I didn’t think you’d see me.”

Aeryn closed her eyes; she couldn’t see anything very well anyway. “You shouldn’t be here,” she said.

“Maybe. I didn’t want to interfere though. I thought I could just observe you.”

“You could have asked,” Aeryn said.

“I figured you’d say no, and as I said, I really didn’t think you’d notice me here.”

“I’m a Witch! Of course I was going to notice you!” Aeryn opened her eyes, trying to see who she was talking to. Her vision was still too blurry. 

“I misjudged that. I didn’t think a Witch could see through my shields.”

“You’re a Mage then?”

“I will be. I’m still learning.”

Aeryn didn’t say anything, hoping her vision would clear soon. She felt like she should have been angry, but at the same time she found herself mesmerized by the voice. It was so calm and assured, she just wanted to relax and listen to it. “Who are you?” she finally asked.

“Jessamine,” she answered, and before Aeryn could say anything, “Yes, that Jessamine.”

Princess Jessamine. That took Aeryn a while to process.

“My Master believes that I need to know more about other branches of Magic,” Jessamine said. “You’re the first Witch that I’ve encountered in a while, and I knew that you were going to be doing some rather intricate Spells, so it seemed like a good chance to observe.”

“That’s nice, but I need to be alone to do this work,” Aeryn said.

“Do you?” Jessamine asked.

Aeryn thought about that. Did she really need to be alone?

Jessamine tried to answer her own question. “I don’t think you do. I’m pretty well shielded and I don’t think the spells that you’re going to cast will affect me, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Aeryn laughed. “You didn’t think I’d sense you either. What makes you think your shields will fare any better against my spells?”

“They’re good shields,” Jessamine said, sounding rather hurt.

It was that statement that broke Aeryn’s resolve. She was already fascinated by listening to Jessamine speak, but that little catch in her voice as she defended her shields…

Aeryn decided that she didn’t want Jessamine to leave.

“Okay,” she said, trying to sound reluctant. “I don’t mind you staying, just try not to think so noisily over there. I might not be able to sense you, per se, but I can still notice you thinking.”

“Huh,” Jessamine exclaimed, as if discovering something new. “Interesting.”

“And if you feel anything strange,” Aeryn said. “Anything. Then you should leave.”

“Okay. That sounds fair.”

“And no more talking,” Aeryn said, this time trying to hide her reluctance. “I have work to do.”

With that, she closed her eyes and began trying to compose her thoughts. Was she doing the right thing? Should she have asked Jessamine to leave?

The problem was, today she was doing a very long, unfocussed spell. She wouldn’t be concentrating on any one part of the Garden, rather she would be extending her Magic in all directions and working on the entire Garden at once. The effects of the spell would likely extend for a couple hundred feet in every direction before fading into insignificance. While the castle inhabitants were naturally shielded, as the King’s Garden was surrounded on all four sides and underneath by solid stone, anyone within the Garden itself would have no such protection.

On the other hand, the spell she was doing should be harmless. Essentially all she would be doing today was healing the soil and helping it rebuild after giving so much of itself over the previous growing season. There was nothing in the spell that should affect a human, and certainly not in a harmful way.

Of course, there was always the risk of unexpected things happening with Magic, especially when you didn’t use it exactly in the way you were supposed to. However, today the risk seemed relatively minor in comparison to the reward, which was to spend the day with Princess Jessamine. True, she wouldn’t actually be interacting with the Princess in any way, but…

The Princess asked to spend the day with me. How can I say no? Why would I want to?

The best thing to do now was forget about her and get to work.


MIRACULOUSLY, she was able to work. Years of training, years of learning how to focus on her Magic and ignore all outside distractions, were finally proving their worth. Once she settled in and the Magic started to flow through her, she was able to completely put Jessamine out of her mind.

Well, almost completely. She knew that the Princess was nearby. It was a very subtle sensation, one which she might not have noticed if she wasn’t looking for it. Like the soft noises from a distant stream, if I didn’t try to listen I wouldn’t even notice it was there.

It was late afternoon when she dropped out of her trance. Doing it this way, gradually and intentionally, she didn’t suffer any side effects, so her vision was perfectly fine when she opened her eyes. Jessamine was sitting about twenty feet away, at the edge of the Garden. She was actually sitting in the dirt, just as Aeryn was.

It was a bit of a shock to see the Princess. Yes, Aeryn knew she was there and had spoken with her in the morning, but actually seeing her was… startling. The first thing Aeryn noticed was the contrast between her long, straight black hair and her deep Mage-green eyes. The intense green colour is strange enough in the few male Mages I’ve seen. On a woman, especially with her dark hair and pale skin… I have to remember not to stare at her.

Oddly, she wasn’t dressed either as a princess or a Mage. Her outfit looked to be made of expensive materials yet was very simple: just a light tan blouse with ruffled sleeves and dark brown trousers. More like a mid-rank servant of either sex would wear, or perhaps a merchant.

Jessamine was looking at Aeryn thoughtfully. “What you were doing,” she said, “it was… I don’t know… so different. Such a continuous expenditure of Magic… you must be exhausted!”

Aeryn felt a warmth pass through her, both at the sound of Jessamine’s voice and at the note of respect in her words. “It’s not that bad,” she said. “Once I get started, if I’m doing it right, then everything practically happens by itself.”

Jessamine was looking at the dirt around her, as if looking for answers. “What you were doing, in so many ways it was similar to what I do, what a Mage does… but there was something different, something fundamental…”

Aeryn just watched Jessamine. She looked so contemplative, so intense, sitting in the dirt, fumbling for words. It was almost painfully adorable.

That’s it… I should tell her she looks ‘adorable’ and see what happens. I suspect no one has ever used that word to describe her.

Aeryn was suddenly overcome by a wave of propriety. What was she doing here, sitting in dirt with the Princess? Nothing good can come of this. I’ll say something stupid, I know it. I better leave while she still has a good impression of me.

She stood up, a bit too quickly, and felt a wave of dizziness. “I should be going, Princess,” she said, then realized that she was probably supposed to bow. She hadn’t expected to meet any of the Royal Family, not ever, much less today, so had never paid attention to such protocols. She settled on doing a medium bow, hoping that was enough.

It seemed to annoy Jessamine. “None of that,” she said with a dismissive hand gesture as she started to get up out of the dirt. “We’re both students of Magic. No need to pretend I’m your superior.”

Aeryn nodded but didn’t say anything. It was all well and good not to bow to the Princess here where they were alone, but out in public, surrounded by people that expected the proper courtesies to be followed, bowing would be unavoidable.

Jessamine was standing now and Aeryn was surprised to see that the Princess stood three or four inches taller than her. Strange, I don’t think of myself as particularly tall, but I don’t think I’ve met a woman that’s taller than me in quite a long time.

“You’ll be here again tomorrow?” Jessamine asked.

“Yes, I’ll be here another two days.”

“Do you mind if I join you again tomorrow? I trust that I wasn’t a distraction today. I tried my best to not disturb you.”

Aeryn felt the warmth again. Jessamine wanted to come back? “Yes, of course,” she said. “And no, you didn’t disturb me at all. You have very nice shields.”

Nice shields? Nice?

Jessamine gave no indication that she noticed the odd word choice. “Good then. I’ll be here tomorrow, same time.”

The warmth was strengthening, but was duelling now with fear and uncertainty. Spending another day with Jessamine; it was an exciting thought.

Almost too exciting.


AERYN WOKE UP feeling distinctly odd.

She hadn’t slept well. Her plan had been to put Jessamine out of her mind, to not think about her at all. That had worked moderately well for the rest of the day and evening, as she had managed to keep busy and thus keep herself distracted. But when she tried to sleep, all she could think about was not thinking about Jessamine.

She must have fallen asleep though, as it was now morning.

And she felt dissatisfied.

Had she been dreaming? She often had very intense dreams, ones with an emotional impact that would linger well into the day, but such dreams usually remained clear and vivid in her mind.

She turned onto her side, and with the movement she noticed that her panties felt damp. She slid her hand into her gown and felt her pussy. It was wet.

A dream fragment flashed through her mind. Jessamine, lying on her back naked from the waist down, her legs spread with knees bent and toes curled in ecstasy.

Okay. Obviously I was dreaming about Jessamine.

It was strange then that she would wake up feeling so… discontented. It wasn’t unusual for her to have sexual dreams about women. Usually they involved Witches that she studied and worked with. But those dreams in particular she always remembered. And they always woke her up feeling excited and horny.

Excited and horny was easily dealt with in the morning.

Discontent, not so much.

Putting Jessamine out of her mind wasn’t working. I might be able to keep her out during the day, but at night she climbs into my dreams and has her way with me.

Aeryn shook herself. It’s an unbearably nice thought… Jessamine having her way with me.

I should just accept it.

I want to fuck Jessamine.

She immediately felt calmer.

I want to fuck Princess Jessamine.

Yes, there was just something about Princesses.

I want to fuck Jessamine, the Princess Mage.

The idea of taking a sexy, female Mage and making her squeal in delight was… intoxicating.

Yes, and imagine what her voice will sound like when I make her come.

Aeryn gave herself a mental slap and tried to push such thoughts out of her mind.

It’s not like any of this can happen.

~    ~    ~

By the time she had arrived at the Castle, Aeryn’s cooler, more sensible self had taken over again. There was no possible way that she would get any work done today if she was thinking about fucking Princess Jessamine.

Fucking Princess Jessamine. There was something so seductive about that phrase. Two days ago it wasn’t something that could possibly have occurred to her, and now it was, well… not likely, but at least she was talking with the Princess and spending time with her, so there had to be a thin strand of hope.

The biggest obstacle was lack of information. In particular she had no idea if Jessamine was interested in women in that way. Aeryn had never heard any rumours about the Princess having any suitors. In truth, she had never heard anything about the Princess being involved with anyone at all, male or female. She might be straight, might be z’eph, or she might not be interested in sex at all.

So, assuming that she was z’eph, why would she be interested in Aeryn?

Unexpectedly, that question made her angry. Why wouldn’t she be interested in me? I’m almost the same age as her. In her own words, we’re both students of Magic and essentially equals.

There was the fact that Mages tended to end up with other Mages. But there aren’t even a lot of female Mages, so how many z’eph Mages can there possibly be for her to chose from?

But there was another issue: Jessamine was royalty. Even though Aeryn wasn’t really thinking about marriage, would the Princess be allowed to marry a woman? Aeryn had never heard of a same-sex marriage for anyone in line to the throne. Jessamine did have two older brothers, so was very unlikely to become Queen, but did that matter?

Aeryn shook herself mentally. None of that matters! All the male heirs have been fucking every girl they can; why can’t Jessamine do the same?

She made a decision. I’m going to find out if Jessamine’s interested. Somehow. Today. She straightened her back and started walking taller, taking long, deep breaths as she tried to strengthen her resolve.

I can do this.

After all, Aeryn knew of at least three Witches that would jump at the chance to fuck her. Sure, Witches tended to be a frisky bunch, but why wouldn’t a Mage be interested as well?

She arrived at the Garden gates and stopped. No one was around to see her close her eyes and take one last deep breath. I can do this.

Then she pushed the gate open and saw Jessamine: tall, green eyes, black hair tied back in a ponytail… and a hint of mischief? Today she was wearing a more standard Mage-style robe in shades of purple. They were called Working Robes, if Aeryn remembered correctly, as they gave the impression of being robes while actually being more functional for day-to-day Mage work.

“Good morning,” Jessamine said, and Aeryn felt her insides melt.

How could a woman like Jessamine, a princess and a Mage, with such a beautiful voice…

How could she possibly be interested in a simple Witch like me?

~    ~    ~

Once again, Aeryn was incredibly grateful for her training. In spite of her nerves being a mass of jangles over spending another day with the Princess, and in spite of being angry at herself for losing her resolve to confront Jessamine, she was still able to push all that aside and concentrate on her work.

Today she was going to feed the Garden. As she had requested, there were now piles of fresh compost in various places around the Garden’s edge, as well as one large pile of manure in one far corner.

Bonus points to the Princess for not complaining about the smell.

To a certain extent, much of what she would be doing today could be done in the normal fashion with a shovel and a sturdy rake. However, she wasn’t going to be mixing the physical compost or manure with the Garden soil. Instead she would be taking the essential parts of each, the ethereal essence as it were, and infusing that directly with the soil.

Ethereal essence of manure… If you were a Garden it didn’t get any better than that.

~    ~    ~

It was about mid-afternoon when Aeryn snapped out of her trance. The piles of compost and manure were depleted, with only thin mounds of dust in their place.

Jessamine was still sitting where she had started the morning, about six feet in front of Aeryn, cross-legged in the dirt.

She was sleeping.

Huh. Now what do I do?

Obviously, the first thing to do would be stare. Up until now she had only ever looked at the Princess briefly as it would be all too easy to get caught up in staring at the softness of her lips, or the colour of her eyes, or even at her cute, slightly too large, ears.

The most interesting thing was how much of her strong, serious demeanour disappeared when she was asleep. When awake, Jessamine always seemed to be studying everything that she looked at. Now she seemed so much more calm and innocent.

Okay, I could probably stare at her for hours. Is there something else I can do?

The first thought that jumped into her head was to crawl closer to the Princess and give her a kiss.

Whoa! That can’t be a good idea!

She could also crawl over and just sit quietly beside her for a while.

That would be an odd thing to do, and intimate in a strange way. And it might trigger an… interesting conversation when she wakes up. 

However, it seemed unlikely that she could crawl up to the Princess and sit down without waking her up.

Or I can just sit here and stare.

Jessamine opened her eyes, removing the need for a decision. She looked around the Garden, confused about where she was.

“You’re in the Garden, with me, remember?” Aeryn said softly.

Jessamine focused on her. “Aeryn?”

“I’m done now. Been done for a few minutes. Couldn’t decide whether or not to wake you.”

“I was sleeping?” The idea seemed to disturb her.

“I think so. It’s okay, I don’t mind. It was a long time for you to sit there.”

Jessamine stood up, looking perturbed and maybe a touch embarrassed. “I should go,” she said.

“Oh,” Aeryn said, hoping that she didn’t sound too disappointed.

Or maybe I do want to sound disappointed.

Jessamine stepped out of the Garden and started walking past Aeryn toward the gate.

Aeryn stayed seated, trying desperately to keep her mood from crashing. She heard the gate start opening.

Then it stopped. “Aeryn?”

Aeryn turned to look back at Jessamine, who was standing in the entranceway. “Yes?”

“Can I come back tomorrow?” Jessamine asked, sounding like she expected Aeryn to say no.

“Of course!” Aeryn said immediately. “Why couldn’t you?”

Jessamine looked like she was considering the question, but then just said, “I should go. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And she was gone.

What the fuck?


AERYN NEEDED to talk with someone. She was confused about her own feelings and confused by the way Jessamine was acting. Most of all, she was in a hurry; her work on the Garden would be finished tomorrow. After that Jessamine would have no reason to see her again.

As well, she didn’t trust her instincts which were telling her that Jessamine was interested, but embarrassed and unsure of how to proceed. There was just too strong a possibility of that being wishful thinking. It was too easy to start thinking about pulling the Princess close and kissing her, sliding a hand into her clothing, feeling the warmth of her skin—

Stop it!

She did stop, but each time her mind went down that path it became more and more difficult to think about anything else.

If only Lindsi were back. She would know what to do.

Lindsi was another Witch. A few years older than Aeryn, she always seemed to know more about everything, from Magic to sex and everything in between. She wasn’t z’eph, but her ample experience with men usually still translated into good advice about women. Plus she could be trusted to not share anything Aeryn told her. That was vitally important. No matter what happened, she didn’t want to be the unwitting source of fresh gossip about the Princess.

Unfortunately, Lindsi had been away for more than a week now, travelling with a merchant caravan. Merchants liked having a Witch or two around as they were so useful for a wide variety of reasons: healing, hiding from thieves, defending from attack, scrying for information, shielding against external scrying, detecting deception, amplifying luck… to name but a few. She was due back sometime tomorrow.

No, wait…

She had also said that if the weather held, she would be back earlier. And it had been mostly sunny ever since she had left, at least locally.

So maybe…

Aeryn took an abrupt right turn. It would only be detour of a few minutes to get there. Lindsi lived near the city’s East Gate, in a row house that was cozy without being too small, and inexpensive without being run-down.

Aeryn arrived just as the street lamps were lighting themselves. It was dinner time and she realized that she hadn’t eaten since breakfast, almost eleven hours earlier. Sustained Magic was a strange thing; you didn’t feel hungry while you were doing it, but at some point afterwords the need for food would hit you hard. Hopefully Lindsi would be home and maybe even have something to eat for two. She reached to knock on the door.

It opened before she touched it. “Aeryn!” Lindsi said brightly. “I had a feeling I’d see you tonight. Are you hungry?”

Was there any wonder that Lindsi was her best friend?

~    ~    ~

“So you let her stay with you for two days?” Lindsi said.

Aeryn frowned. She wanted to talk about whether Jessamine might be interested in her, not about whether Aeryn should have let her stay in the first place. “I know I’m not supposed to do that, generally, but in this case it seemed relatively harmless.”

“Relatively,” Lindsi repeated.

“Was I wrong?”

“The Mistress would say yes. Most of our teachers would too.” The Mistress was the Headmaster of the School for Witches that they had both attended.

“We’re not in school anymore. Plus they always told us that most of the rules were for people that lacked judgement.”

Lindsi laughed. “I’m not sure you want to be talking about lacking judgement right now.”

“So, you think I made a mistake?”

“Probably. In your situation I likely would have made the same mistake though.”

Aeryn slumped in her seat. “At first I was worried that she wasn’t interested in me. Now I’m worried that she is, but only because she stayed too close to me while I was working on the Garden.”

“If you’re really worried so much about that, I’m not the one you should be talking to.”

“I know, I should ask the Mistress. I’m not that desperate yet.”

Lindsi shrugged. “As for whether the Princess is z’eph and has the hots for you—”

Aeryn felt herself blushing.

“My guess is,” Lindsi continued, “yes, she’s interested in you. I don’t know much about Mages, but I really suspect she didn’t need more than a day to learn whatever she needed to learn. Plus it sounds like it wasn’t her idea to be there in the first place.”

Aeryn thought back. “Yes, she said that her Master told her that she needed to know more about other schools of Magic.”

“Exactly. So she was there to get information. She probably had enough after a few hours. Why would she stay there, sitting in dirt, for two days, maybe three?”

Aeryn had wondered about that too, and now, hearing Lindsi confirm her thoughts, she was starting to get excited and anxious.

“Don’t do that!” Lindsi said, angrily.

Aeryn was startled. “What?”

“You’re thinking that the Glorious Princess Jessamine might really be interested in little old you, and you’re starting to freak out.”

“Well, yeah,” she admitted. “I mean, she’s a princess, and a Mage and she’s beautiful and her voice… it’s almost stupid how nice her voice sounds.”

“So what? She still needs someone to make her come, doesn’t she?”

Trust Lindsi to say something like that. “If you’re trying to calm me down, talking about making Jessamine come isn’t the way to do it.”

Lindsi chuckled. “Fine. Then think about this instead: do you really want to get involved with her? She’s royalty. Don’t kid yourself, it does matter.”

“Why? I’m not planning on marrying her.”

“Maybe not, but take it from me, fucking royalty can get complicated, really fast.”

Aeryn cocked her head to the side. Did Lindsi have a story she hadn’t shared?

“Yes, I do know and no, don’t ask,” Lindsi said. “Just be careful, that’s all I’m saying.”


ODDS WERE, Aeryn wouldn’t be able to sleep. In the daytime her continual thoughts of Jessamine were fun, but also stressful.

What will I do? What should I do? Is Jessamine interested? Will I get to kiss her?

At night, lying in the dark, the thoughts were much more problematic. Not only did she ponder all her daytime thoughts, but inevitably she started asking herself silly hypothetical questions. I’m in a situation where I can either lick Jessamine’s pussy, or have her lick mine. Which should I do?

That was her favourite one. It didn’t make sense, but it was amusing to ponder… and it would also keep her up all night.

I should just masturbate. That would solve so many problems. At the very least I’d be able to fall asleep right away.

Problem was, if she started touching herself then she’d start fantasizing about Jessamine, and she didn’t exactly want to do that.

And why the fuck not? She’s the sexiest woman I’ve ever met. I bet every man in the Kingdom has fantasized about fucking her, and probably every woman with a hint of z’eph has thought about it too. I want to lick every inch of her body and have her do the same to me, so why the fuck don’t I want to fantasize about it?

The answer was pretty simple.

Because I want her. I don’t just want to dream about her. I want her and I feel like I have at least a tiny chance of having her.

And she didn’t want to think about that.

The easiest answer was to take a sleeping potion. A weak one, nothing that would knock her out all night and half the next day. Just enough to force her to fall asleep…

~    ~    ~

She was dreaming. Someone was at the foot of her bed and pushing themselves under the blankets. She couldn’t see who it was, but she knew it was Jessamine.

The Princess pushed Aeryn’s legs apart, then sidled up so that her face was just inches away from Aeryn’s pussy.

Aeryn just laid back. If Dream-Jessamine wants to taste my pussy, it would be wrong to stop her. She is a princess after all.

But Jessamine didn’t touch Aeryn’s pussy. Instead she said something, just a whisper.


Jessamine said something else, and Aeryn felt a breath of air on her pussy, making it tingle.

What? I can’t hear you!

Aeryn suddenly realized that Jessamine was talking to her pussy.

But that’s so unfair! You have such a beautiful voice! I want to hear it too!

Aeryn’s first thought was that she needed to silence Jessamine. She needed to thrust her pussy into Jessamine’s face, then wrap her legs around Jessamine’s head so that she couldn’t escape and couldn’t say anything more to her pussy that Aeryn herself couldn’t hear.

But she couldn’t move. Jessamine kept whispering, her words like tiny kisses on Aeryn’s pussy. The tingle was becoming more insistent. Warmer.

Was Jessamine casting a spell? Was she going to make Aeryn come by Magic?

The whispers became louder, pushing themselves deeper. Aeryn gave a little yelp of surprise as she felt the warmth start to spread through her body.

What are you doing? She said it quietly. She didn’t want to sound judgemental. She didn’t want it to stop.

Jessamine’s whispers were quieter again, but now she was speaking faster. The words were like warm sparks, entering her pussy and darting everywhere.

Aeryn clenched her fists then stretched her fingers. They were the only part of her body that could move.

She still couldn’t understand what Jessamine was saying, but decided it wasn’t a spell.

It’s her voice. She’s going to make me come with her voice!

Then Jessamine’s voice started to fade. Aeryn was waking up.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Aeryn sat up. Sunlight was streaming into her window. She looked at the clock. Quarter past eight.

She was supposed to be at the Garden by nine. She could just barely make it.

Or I could take a couple minutes and finish matters for myself. I really, really need to come. Now.

But the chances of that happening now were fading fast. She was going to be late. She hated being late.

Aeryn realized what she had to do. She jumped out of bed—

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

—and started preparing herself for the day ahead.

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