22 November 2012

Excerpt: Bite Me Again… Please?

Here are the first 2000 words (or so) from Episode Two of the series Pixie Chix — Tales of a Lesbian Vampire. The entire episode is about 10,000 words.

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FELICIA APPROACHED that spot in the forest, the place where she had last seen Mint. At least, she thought it was the same place.

When she had left Ammathelene it had been windy, with just a light dusting of snow in the air. By the time she reached the forest’s edge the snow had intensified, but not enough to really concern her. Now that she was here she couldn’t see more than a couple dozen feet in front of her and the world was white in every direction.

She stopped and looked around, searching for any sign of the Pixie. Would Mint even come out in weather like this? Pixies were as resistant to cold as any vampire, but cold wasn’t the issue tonight. It was the wind. Gusty and loud, it blew almost continuously across her path, howling as it tried its best to knock her down. So far she had kept to her feet, but Mint was smaller and lighter; how well would she fare?

And of greater concern, the wind was actually rather painful; it drove the snow at her, stinging whatever skin it could find. True, there wasn’t much of her exposed, as she had been forewarned of the storm and was protected from head to toe, with proper winter boots and gloves and a long hooded cloak. If she were to stand still and not look around then the wind couldn’t reach her, but it would also make it impossible for her to search for a lone Pixie.

Mint… where the fuck are you?

It had been exactly twenty-eight nights since that night, twenty-eight nights since Felicia had last seen Mint. Why did she have to wait so long? The effectiveness of Pixie cum had been immediately apparent; the moment Felicia tasted the sweetness of Mint’s orgasm, all her hunger for blood had vanished. Even two weeks later she had been completely free of the hunger, which was radically better than after a normal feeding, where after a few days the urges would start.

Three days ago the hunger had returned, bringing back with it Felicia’s depression and self-loathing. The Pixie cum wasn’t supposed to be a permanent cure, but Felicia had begun to hope. Now she would do anything to be free again.

Which maybe was the point. I was free, gloriously free, and now I’m not. Twenty-eight nights ago I only thought that I’d do anything to be free of my need for blood. Now I’m sure: I would do anything.


With that revelation, as if on cue, she saw Mint, standing not ten feet away.

Felicia’s heartbeat quickened. After that night with Mint she had been immensely satisfied, but only briefly. Ever since then she had been aroused. Day and night she found herself thinking about Pixies. Touching them, licking them, making them scream in ecstasy. They were pleasant thoughts, but without any Pixies to play with, ultimately they wore her down. She didn’t feel that she was addicted to Pixies, not really. She just really wanted a chance to fuck one again.

She forced her mind away from such thoughts and focused on the Pixie. It was no wonder that Felicia hadn’t been able to see her before now. Mint was dressed completely in white: white boots with white laces, white pants, a white coat with fluffy white fur trim around the waist and wrists, and a large white hood with more of the fluffy white trim.

Felicia felt a spike of annoyance. Why in hells is she wearing white? How did she expect me to find her?

But it was quickly replaced by relief: soon her hunger could end. 

Which lead directly again to thoughts of Mint’s pussy: warm, wet, a hunger of a different kind.

And finally sadness. There’s no way we can fuck in a storm like this.

Mint approached and now Felicia could clearly see the expression on the Pixie’s face. Felicia couldn’t help but laugh. Okay, she thinks we can fuck in a storm like this.

Mint stopped a few feet away and said something.

The sound was lost in the wind. “What?” Felicia said loudly.

The Pixie started speaking again and seemed to be yelling, but no words reached Felicia. Mint realized that she was getting nowhere and held up one white-gloved finger. She took another two steps forward so that she bumped up against Felicia, then took hold of her strangely large hood and flipped it forward so that it encompassed most of Felicia’s head as well. Most of the wind noise immediately stopped.

“Better?” Mint asked but didn’t wait for an answer. Instead she raised herself up, probably standing on the tips of her toes, leaned inward and kissed Felicia. The Pixie’s lips were cold, very cold, and Felicia’s mind immediately jumped to the first time she had kissed Mint, except that time she had her lips on Mint’s pussy: cold, almost frozen, then exploding with warmth.

Mint pulled away and dropped back to her normal height. Felicia’s eyes were adjusting to the lack of blinding whiteness and could now see the Pixie’s face looking back at her expectantly.

“So?” Mint asked.

“I like kissing you,” Felecia said.

“Of course you do, but—“

“I like kissing other parts of you better,” Felicia added. With Mint so close, thoughts of kissing and tasting other Pixie body parts were unavoidable.

“Well… obviously. If you’re going to kiss me, you should kiss me there. But you didn’t answer my question.”

“There was a question?”

“So?” she said the word with more emphasis this time. “Did it work?”

“The Pixie cum?” It was a silly phrase, but Felicia found herself growing to like the sound of it. “Yes, perfectly, for a few weeks, anyway.”

Mint nodded. “Ariel said it would only work for a while, the first time.”

“I know, and now I want blood again. I don’t like feeling like this.”

“So… you want to… continue?” Mint said coquettishly, but there was an underlying note of concern, as if she thought there was a chance Felicia would say no.

“Absolutely, but I’m exasperated that Ariel made me wait this long.”

Mint looked sad. “Yes, she said I couldn’t see you again until tonight. She said you needed time to make a proper decision.” Then she realized that Felicia had said yes and her eyes widened. “That was a yes?”

“Yes,” Felicia said. “And if that’s not clear: yes yes yes!”

Mint began to smile and it wasn’t difficult to see where here thoughts were going.

“Just not right here,” Felicia added.

Mint was undismayed and brought her face closer. “Are you sure? We’ve done it here before, after all.”

“Yes, but not in the middle of a blizzard!”

“What’s the difference?” Mint said, her cheek touching Felicia’s. “It was colder last month.”

“It wasn’t windy and snowing, though.”

“So?” Mint’s breath was warm on Felicia’s ear. “We could lie down, let the snow cover us like a blanket, protecting us from the wind. You could keep your face warm between my legs at least until morning.”

In spite of herself, Felicia found the idea strangely compelling. But she had to decline. “Uh, no, not here. Surely there must be a better place.”

Mint pulled back slightly so she could look Felicia in the eyes. “Okay, I guess it’ll just be me licking your pussy then.”

How would that even work? Does she really think that I’ll let her eat me here?

“Uh, again… surely there’s a better place,” Felicia said.

Mint smiled. “Of course, there are a million great places to eat pussy. But the best place is always exactly where you happen to be.”

Felicia suddenly became aware of one of Mint’s hands, which had insinuated itself under her cloak and was loosing the belt around Felicia’s waist. “Mint… we can’t do this, not here,” she said, very aware that her voice didn’t sound very convincing.

Mint gave Felicia a sad look, one carefully contrived to win any argument. “No?” she said as if in complete disbelief. Then she bit her lower lip, apprehensively waiting for Felicia’s answer.

It still hadn’t changed. “No.”

Mint leaned in and kissed Felicia fiercely. There was blood on her lip. Its salty, sweet taste sent a jolt of hunger through Felicia’s body.

Felicia pushed Mint away. “What are you doing?”

“Kissing you,” the Pixie said, then with surprising strength she pushed back against Felicia and brought their lips firmly back together.

For a moment Felicia was lost in the taste of the blood. Sweet? Blood was never sweet! It was supposed to be smooth and metallic, full of life, but never sweet. Then she realized something.

This is Pixie blood. It won’t satisfy me. It’s not like regular people blood. It tastes horrifyingly wonderful, but it won’t take away my hunger, it will just set it on fire and make it stronger.

Mint pulled away, exposing Felicia’s face to the elements. The snow resumed its attack on her skin, hundreds of tiny little bites, but Felicia didn’t care. Her eyes were closed, the taste of blood coursed through her body.

Suddenly she felt herself being propelled backward, but immediately felt something solid behind her: a tree. She let herself relax against it.

Then she felt Mint, in front of her still, but lower to the ground. The Pixie had slid herself inside Felicia’s cloak and was opening her pants.

In the haze of blood thoughts, Felicia couldn’t help but wonder how the Pixie thought this could work. There’s no way she can get my pants off. How can she possibly lick me properly?

Mint pulled Felicia’s pants downward to her knees, and Felicia relented. She tried to spread her legs as much as she could and thrust her pelvis forward, hoping now that it was enough. Then she felt fingers on her pussy, pulling her lips apart. The Pixie’s fingers felt slick and warm, and Felicia realized that it was her own wetness that she felt. How could I be wet? I’m in a fucking blizzard!

Then there was a tongue inside her and Felicia felt a momentary surge of relief that the Pixie had been successful, before it was replaced by a wave of pleasure.

Intense pleasure. Once again, just like their last time together, Mint wasn’t being subtle. She was attacking Felicia’s pussy with a fierce intensity, as if she were afraid that someone might pull her away at any moment. Felicia felt an overwhelming need to scream as the raw pleasure of Pixie blood on her lips blended with the dance of the Pixie’s tongue inside her.

She did scream, and the wind took it away, unheard by anyone. Felicia realized that no one could possibly hear her, so she screamed louder, and louder still. In her mind she imagined that it was the vampire within her screaming, trying to get out, trying to escape the Pixie.

A shock went through Felicia’s body. Like an orgasm, but confusing and different. The strength drained from her legs and she fell forward onto her knees, pulling the Pixie down with her.

Then she was lying face down in the snow. After a momentary separation, Mint somehow had her face in Felicia’s pussy again and was licking her much more gently now. The roar of blood in Felicia’s head was fading, and with her face against the cool snow, her own hood covering her head entirely, the wind sounded distant and muted. There was just the gentle sensation of a Pixie tongue playing inside her pussy.

Felicia came again, but better this time. Quiet. Relaxing.

Mint giggled. “I guess you didn’t know about the rule,” she said, her voice muffled as Felicia’s pussy was still resting on her face.

“Mmm?” was all Felicia could say.

“When a Pixie offers to lick your pussy, it’s always wrong to say no.”

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