30 July 2013

Excerpt: Please Whisper! (and make her scream)

Here are the first 2000 words (or so) from Episode Four of the series Pixie Chix — Tales of a Lesbian Vampire. The entire episode is about 8000 words.

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IT HAD BEEN SIX DAYS. A Pixie-less six days.

Felicia was ready to kill herself.

She was in the Library of Valnesse, just as she had been every evening since she arrived. She had seen many people, but mainly academic folk buried in their research and scribes making copies of various books, word by tedious word. Almost every person she saw was human and male; only three times had she seen another woman, and not once had she seen anyone who could possibly be a Pixie.

And of course it was a Pixie that she was looking for. A Pixie named Whisper.

~ ~ ~

“You may be able to find her by just wandering the city streets,” Tulip had told her. “She’ll be spending most of her time in the Castle—which you won’t be able to enter—but she was never able to keep still for long. I’m certain that she’ll take at least one walk through the city each day.”

Felicia pondered that, forcing herself to think even though her mind felt strangely sluggish. It was the morning after she had arrived here at the Turret, and she felt as if she had been sleeping for weeks. All she could remember was climbing the tree, then the stairs, and then briefly meeting the Pixie named…

What was her name? Winter? Yes, that was it.

And after that her mind was blank. She couldn’t even remember going to bed

And now it seemed the Pixies were in a hurry to rush her away.

I know they’re eager to get their quest started, but still… it would be nice to rest a bit.

Not that rest would be possible with a couple dozen Pixies about.

She forced her mind back to the conversation. “Valnesse…” she said. “It’s a big city. How likely are we to cross paths?”

Tulip shrugged. “Not very, but if you stay close to one of the Castle entrances… well, it’s still unlikely that you’ll see her, but some chance is better than none. Besides, your best chance will always be the library.”

“The library?”

“I know,” Tulip had said, “you wouldn’t expect to find one of us there, but Whisper is an odd Pixie, and it can’t be a coincidence that she’s chosen to live near the largest collection of books in the world.”

~ ~ ~

And so it was that Felicia spent her days wandering the streets of Valnesse and her evenings, from before sunset to after midnight, in the Library.

Thank the Gods it’s closed to the public during the day. Six hours each evening is bearable, but being here all day, every day, would drive me insane.

Not that she hadn’t already gone insane.

“We’ll come and get you in a week,” Tulip had said. “I’m sure that you can last seven days without a Pixie.”

Seven days! Felicia laughed to herself, unintentionally making a snorting noise. A couple scribes looked in her direction, then quickly returned to their work.

Seven days had seemed reasonable; as a Vampire she had been able to go without feeding for seven days without difficulty.

But being addicted to Pixies was not the same.

The first day had been wonderful, on her own, her mind free and clear.

The second day her fantasies started, which was also wonderful; how could anyone get tired of thinking about naked Pixies?

The third day she began to feel obsessed, with what Pixies tasted like and when she would be able to taste them again. It became difficult to think about anything else.

The fourth day her body began to twitch.

The fifth day she stopped eating regular food, and she had to force herself to drink water. She had also found it impossible sit still and only spent an hour at the library.

Today she felt both tired and hyper, making her want to sleep and run at the same time. Those desires cancelled each other out somewhat, but it still took extreme bursts of willpower to get her mind to do anything but think about Pixies.

Now she sat in the library, pondering what she would do if Whisper appeared.

Fuck her silly.


~ ~ ~

“Don’t approach her,” Tulip had said.

“Yes,” Mint had agreed, “Whatever you do, don’t approach her.”

“But why?”

“She might spook and we’ll never find her in time.”

“Or she might attack you.”

“Attack me?”


“Don’t fight her. Seriously. Don’t fight her.”

What a thing to say! Why would I want to fight a Pixie?

~ ~ ~

Felicia absently twiddled the small piece of wood between her fingers, the one Tulip and Mint had given to her. She was supposed to break in half when she sighted Whisper, and within a few minutes someone would come to her aid.

But a lot could happen in a few minutes.

Felicia quivered with annoyance. She hated being so weak, so dependent. When she was near Pixies it was delightful; she could taste one whenever she wanted and her Need never had a chance to rear its ugly head.

She looked at the piece of wood. It was just a dried tree branch, not much more than an inch long; it would be easy to snap. Even though she hadn’t seen Whisper, she could break it now and bring an eager Pixie to her rescue.

That thought had occurred to her any number of times over the past few days, but she had always pushed it aside. She was willing to be weak, but surrendering to her weakness was just too much to bear.

Pure, stubborn pride: it’ll be the death of me yet.

She looked up from the book that she had been staring at for at least an hour. Reading was impossible tonight, but she had to maintain the pretence. Sitting for hours in a library, night after night, without a book in front of her would just make people wonder. This second floor of the library was entirely reserved for reading and transcribing, and positioned as she was near the staircase, she could see the entirety of the floor as well as the main entrance doors on the floor below.

There were only five other people on the floor with her: one man (probably a Mage) reading an extremely thick tome, another man (definitely a scribe) carefully making a copy of a book, a pair of men (of unknown occupation) sorting through a massive pile of papers, and one woman who had spent the past few evenings quietly reading—

And was now staring directly at Felicia.


A TINGLE went up Felicia’s spine. The woman was clearly human, with no hint of Pixieness about her. She was also exactly the type of woman that Felicia normally found extremely attractive: tall with a shapely body, youthful but mature, with an intelligent yet mischievous air about her.

Yes, exactly the type of woman whose blood I craved.

Now Felicia was aroused and confused; her need for Pixie was overwhelming, but that didn’t lessen her desire for this woman.

Fine, she’s human, but perhaps tasting her will help. At the very least she’ll make waiting for Whisper more bearable.

Except for one little fact…

For the past few years, sex with humans (or various non-humans for that matter) had always ended the same way for Felicia. Blood. She didn’t want to feed on this woman, yet couldn’t imagine an evening of lust with a human that didn’t end with drinking her blood.

The woman stood up and started walking toward Felicia. She was dressed in a style common to the city: a two-coloured dress, with the left half an intense green and the right a vibrant blue. It hugged her figure beautifully before flaring out at the knees, accentuating the gentle sway of her bust and hips, and amplifying the sensuality of every step she took.

Watching the woman approach, not so much walking as gliding across the floor, Felicia realized something.

I may not need blood anymore, but I’m still a Vampire; my body is still luring women into my web so I can feed on them.

But Felicia didn’t feel in control. The smooth motion of the woman’s hips was hypnotic, making Felicia’s mind swim with ideas of feminine curves.

“Daiatenasi?” The woman was now standing before Felicia and looking down, her eyes large and inviting.

“Pardon?” Felicia said.

The woman smiled. “Rue,” she said, holding a hand to her chest.

“Rue?” Felicia asked, eliciting a nod. “Felicia,” she said with a similar hand gesture.

“Fe-li-shia,” the woman said, as if wrapping her tongue around new syllables. “Dai-ate-na-si?” She said the phrase slower this time.

It had been a long time since Felicia had encountered anyone who didn’t speak the Queen’s Tongue. The Valnesse locals generally did, to varying degrees; however, the city was very close to the border, so this woman could be from one of the neighbouring kingdoms or baronies.

Rue reached forward and touched the back of the Vampire’s right hand, sending out a burst of tingling energy and warmth that quickly climbed Felicia’s arm and spread through her body.

Wow. Felicia shivered as a wave of coolness followed, covering her body with goosebumps.

Rue pulled her hand away, and Felicia lifted her hand to follow, trying to hold the woman’s touch for a few extra moments. Yet even after the contact was broken, the tingling warmth remained, wandering through the Vampire’s body, seeming to linger in the places that Felicia most liked to be touched.

“Atena?” Rue said, then looked back over her shoulder, toward a staircase leading up. She faced Felicia again. “Daiatenasi?”

At least now her meaning was somewhat clear. “Yes,” Felicia said. She stood up, then followed as the woman started walking away. Felicia looked at the other patrons as she passed, expecting them to look back at her with disapproval, or perhaps envy, but there was no indication that they were aware of anything outside their own little worlds.

Rue reached the stairs, and with brief look back to see that Felicia was following, she began climbing. She moved slowly, without hint of urgency, taking each step as if it were a performance, a dance meant to hypnotize all who watched. Her hair, deep chestnut in colour and lustrously straight, hung to the small of her back. It undulated provocatively, weaving a gentle spell of its own.

They zigzagged up two flights of stairs, which brought them to a floor filled with bookshelves, row upon row. There were a few more people here, busily searching. One of them looked in their direction, a man, and Felicia hoped that he wouldn’t follow them. Who could resist finding out where this woman and her Vampire might be going?

They continued climbing with no sign of pursuit. On the fourth floor there were still more shelves and books, but nobody in sight. Even so, Felicia could sense there were still people innocently lurking. On the fifth floor the library seemed to run out of books, as there were shelves, but almost nothing to fill them. It was silent and empty of people.

“Uon,” Rue said, holding up a finger and pointing upward.

“One more?” Felicia asked and the woman nodded.

The next flight of stairs was much narrower. Felicia found herself watching the lower half of the woman’s dress. The two halves of colour met in the middle and overlapped each other, so that with each step the skirt flowed around her legs, giving occasional brief glimpses of skin.

Beyond being tantalized by what was underneath, Felicia realized that she was enchanted by the dress as well. I have to find one for myself. The Pixies think I’m irresistible now? Wait until they see me in that dress!

The sixth floor was very dark and lit only by moonlight shining through many windows. It was almost empty, with only a few empty shelves placed randomly about the room and a lone table.

“Tareshi,” Rue said, sounding apologetic. She hurried to the table and activated a magelight, probably one of the reading lamps from downstairs. It cast a small sphere of light around the table and conjured up interesting shadows everywhere else.

“I’m not sure we need the light,” Felicia said. She felt the need to speak even if the woman wouldn’t understand. Now that they were alone Felicia felt oddly unsure of herself.

Why am I here? She’s very beautiful and impossible to resist, but it’s equally impossible to forget that I need a Pixie, not a human.

Rue was leaning back on the table and looking at her now, head tilted to the side, one eyebrow raised. The pose accentuated her long neck, and even from this distance Felicia could see a gently throbbing artery.

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