Lesbian Tales of Sex and Magic

Individual stories of Sex, Magic (and sometimes love).

The Princess Mage
The Princess Mage
A Witch, a Princess and a spell gone wrong!
The Dryad Assassin
The Dryad Assassin
Alone in the forest with a sexy Dryad,
what could be wrong with that?

Nothing, nothing at all…

Pixie Chix ~ Tales of a Lesbian Vampire

A 10 episode series (eventually).

A vampire, tired of needing to drink blood to survive, finds a band of Pixies with needs of their own. They have a cure, but it may be more than she bargained for!

Being friends with a Pixie is like living in a candy store, except the shelves are lined with every flavour of sex… and there’s still lots of candy!”  —  Plutarius the Wise

Pixie Chix #1: The First Taste is Free
Episode One
The First Taste is Free
A vampire, a Pixie, a Goddess and the beginning of a quest!
Pixie Chix #2: Bite Me Again… Please?
Episode Two
Bite Me Again… Please?
Felicia the vampire is ready, but the Pixies, Mint and Tulip, need to find a way to bring her home!
Pixie Chix #3: A Raspberry in the Dark
Episode Three
A Raspberry in the Dark
Felicia arrives at the home of the Pixies, and finds herself alone and at the mercy of a single, pink-haired Pixie.

Pixie Chix #4: Please Whisper! (and make her scream)

Episode Four
Please Whisper!
(and make her scream)
Felicia is on a mission, and finds herself alone and Pixie-less. How long can she survive without a single taste?


James said...

Love your books can't wait till the next Pixie Chicks:3

James said...

Poke poke. Always waiting your fan

<3 James

Lauren said...

I really enjoyed the first 2 and can't wait for number 3!!

Paul said...

Please do all the books Pixie Chix books soon I just can't wait I just finished number 4 and want more Please

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this series! I was just wondering if they were still going to be available on b&n nook or just amazon. i couldn't get book 6 and with 7 coming out I figured I'd ask. Thanks!

Zephyr Indigo said...

I'll be caught up on B & N by the end of the week! Sorry for the delay and thank you for reading!!!

Anonymous said...

Really loving this series