Who is Zeph?

To start with, here are three things you need to know:

  1. She’s silly. How silly? Almost as silly as she is naughty. Almost.
  2. She hates being called a woman. She’s a girl, remember that. If you call her a woman she’ll cast a spell on you, and it won't be one of her fun ones.
  3. She likes certain activities way, way too much. Read her stories and you’ll have a pretty good idea what those activities are.

Zephyr’s a girl with a very active imagination, who’s mind always seems to be in one of two places. Either she’s thinking about sex and where she’d like her head to be, or about worlds of magic and elves and castles in the sky.

Obviously, the meeting of the worlds was inevitable. Like peanut butter and chocolate.

As well, she’s a girl who’s been writing stories for a long time. Sometimes they were tales of wizards and dragons. More often they were about girls, who in the real world would never have come together, and how they, well… come together.

For the most part, Zephyr kept these stories to herself. Especially those that she wrote when she was horny.

Then one day she thought to herself, that’s just stupid!

So now she’s writing stories to share… and finding that writing stories for others is a lot of work! Fun work, to be sure, but work nonetheless!

Now shhh… she’s cooking up some mischief!