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Pixie Chix #9: Pleasure Forever and Never Enough

Pixie Chix 9
Pleasure Forever
and Never Enough
The Final Door is near, but Felicia is trapped between worlds. Can she earn the help of a woman who can never be satisfied?

Pixie Chix #10: A Pixie Pink and Perfect

Pixie Chix 10 (Last One!)
A Pixie Pink and Perfect
Felicia and the Pixie of her dreams! As they near the end of their quest, can they resist the delectable temptations that block their path?

Coming Soon!

Pixie Chix Collection
The Pixie Chix Collection
All ten episodes of Felicia's tale, from snowy start to Pixie perfect finish!

Now Available

The Pixie Chix
The Pixie Chix
Tales of a Lesbian Vampire
A vampire, tired of needing to drink blood to survive, finds a band of Pixies with needs of their own.

They have a cure, but it may be more than she bargained for!

Lesbian Tales Volume 1
Lesbian Tales
of Sex and Magic
Stories of powerful princesses and wayward witches, dominant dryads and naughty nymphs!