Pixie Chix — Tales of a Lesbian Vampire

Episode One:
The First Taste is Free

Felicia is a vampire. Serious, sexy… and maybe even suicidal. She finds her need to feed on the life of others abhorrent, but is the victim of her own desires.

Mint is a Pixie. Whimsical, cute… and, like all Pixies, has a single-minded need for sexual pleasure.

Pixies: they just might be the solution to Felicia’s problem… as long as she doesn’t mind replacing one addiction for another.

Episode One - Where Felicia learns that Pixies may be able to cure her vampirism, if she’s willing to pay the price. If you like magical quests and sex in the snowy dark of night, then read on…

Pixie Chix — Tales of a Lesbian Vampire” is on ongoing series, slated for a ten episode run. It takes place in the same world as the “Tales of Sex and Magic” series and shares a similar set of ingredients: sex, magic and a hint of silliness.

This first episode is free and will be for the foreseeable future!

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