28 October 2018

Upcoming Releases

Now that I have all ten episodes of the Pixie Chix, I'll be compiling them into one volume. I want to go over the first 8 episodes and fix them up … hopefully in time for Christmas!

Beyond that, over the past few years I've written a lot of present-day stories, without fantasy-style magic but just as much fun. Here are the ones that are almost ready to go!


A free story plus a collection of three more. I'm not entirely sure which is which yet.

  • New Year's Yes! — Too long apart, desperate for love, and stuck at a family New Year's Eve Party.
  • Stealing Third — I have rules. And Tara is exactly the girl I'm not supposed to …
  • Winter Sun — Naked in the cold winter air, how do you stay warm?
  • The Delightful Consequence of Giggling — A new home, a quiet basement, and a present.


Cassandra - A novella!

A comment by a provocative stranger leads to two crazy nights, three years apart!


The Contest - Another novella!

One’s the prettiest.
One’s the smartest.
And one you’ve had a crush on for years.
Guess which one you get to eat!

For March and beyond … I have number of stories on the go, eager to be shared. Stay tuned!