Tales 2 - The Dryad Assassin

The Dryad Assassin
Book Two in the “Lesbian Tales of Sex and Magic” series.

Being aroused could be dangerous... why had no one ever told Cali that? Of course, she just needed to cross the forest, so how much trouble could she get into? The everyday dangers, those she could handle: the normal assortment of deadly creatures and strange magics.

But the Dryads, the female guardians of the forest, well, they were another matter entirely. She had met only one, Leythe, who was as enigmatic and unexpectedly sexy as a woman could be, and now Cali couldn't avoid thinking about... certain things.

Especially walking behind the Dryad; Leythe's legs were athletic and curiously long for such a petite creature. "They would look so nice wrapped around my head," she found herself thinking on more than one occasion.

Yes, Cali's arousal was going to get her into trouble.

The best kind of trouble.

“Lesbian Tales of Sex and Magic” is a magical series set in a world of erotic fun. Follow along for stories of powerful princesses and wayward witches, dominant dryads and naughty nymphs.

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