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Powered by Pussy

That’s how my partner describes me.

And so, most of my stories are about desperation.

A woman I need to eat.

Want to try something fun?

Think of her.

The woman you want to make scream with delight.

Imagine her taste.


Close your eyes

And feel the slick warmth of her pussy on your tongue.

I'll wait.

Is your mouth is watering?

You're going to eat her.

But when?

Days from now?



You can't know

Until the instant arrives

When you realize

Beyond all doubt

The time

Is now.


Keep that moment in your mind.

Her pussy is glistening before you

And the way is clear.

She's opened herself.

Everything you want is right in front of you.

It's time to wait.

This is happiness.

Hold on for as long as you can.