21 November 2012

Full Episode: The First Taste is Free

This is the complete first episode from the series Pixie Chix — Tales of a Lesbian Vampire.

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Felicia stopped, waiting for the sound to repeat.


She scanned the forest in front of her, trees standing spindly and lifeless in the cold, winter air. It was a dark night, with the only light coming from the stars, but Felicia could still see well enough. There was nothing ahead of her.

That thought lingered in her mind. There’s nothing ahead of me.

She looked back the way she had come and could just barely see the distant town of Ammathelene peeking through the trees. From here it wasn’t much more than a dull orange glow; everyone was inside, close to a fire, trying to keep warm.

And there’s nothing behind me.

Except hunger, no matter where I go.

She started walking again. With each step her feet sank into the snow, leaving a series of easily seen footsteps behind her. They didn’t remain for long, however, as the snow gradually rebounded to fill the indentations. The spell to hide her trail wasn’t exactly easy, but after using it so often for the past few years, casting it had become almost as natural as breathing. She didn’t think anyone was hunting her at the moment, but that didn’t mean she could relax her guard.

The thought of being hunted made her stop and look around again. There was still nothing in sight and, matching the stillness of the winter air, nothing was moving. Even the slightest hint of activity would stand out, like blood on snow.

No, it would be stupid to hunt her tonight. Really, it was stupid to hunt her any night, but they had tried a few times before so she had to stay vigilant.

She glanced back in the direction of Ammathelene, but it was no longer visible. Even so, a wave of hunger washed over her.

Keep walking. Don’t think about it.

She started moving and the hunger faded. The hunger for blood, anyway.

For the second time in her life as a vampire, Felicia hadn’t fed in almost two weeks. The first time had begun a month ago when she resolved to stop drinking blood for as long as she could. It had not been a pleasant test, but she had resisted for eight days before discovering an unexpected side effect: she became horny, unbelievably horny, so much so that her need for sex began to overwhelm her need for blood.

If she were not Z’eph then that wouldn’t have posed much of a problem, as there never seemed to be a lack of men looking for an easy fuck. But in a town such as Ammathelene, finding a woman with similar inclinations was far more difficult. 

Felicia cursed silently to herself. So many things were better in the city, Finding a woman was never a problem there.

That was always the trick: identifying other Z’eph. In smaller towns Felicia had visited, they did nothing to stand out, as if they were all in hiding. But for whatever reason, City Z’eph were much more open and much easier to find. And once Felicia found such a woman, the end result was inevitable.

No one resists a vampire.

Sadly, Felicia needed to avoid cities right now. The King had placed a bounty on vampires, and it seemed that everyone was watching everyone else, looking for signs of vampirism and hoping to make a few easy gold pieces. Felicia was adept at hiding herself, but in the city there were just too many chances to make mistakes.

Out here the frenzy was muted. The “Vampire Menace” wasn’t something that anyone cared about and many didn’t even believe that vampires existed in the first place.

Which made it the perfect place for Felicia to spend the winter. People to feed on were relatively easy to find, and as long as she didn’t actually kill anyone, no one seemed likely to discover what she was. There was always the chance of random vampire hunters making an appearance, but she hadn’t seen one in months.

Really, her only problem with living in Ammathelene, was that she could find no one to fuck.

Then she had met Erynthia, a young woman who tended a clothing shop in the day, and served drinks at a small tavern at night. From the first moment that Felicia walked into the clothing shop it was obvious that Erynthia was Z’eph, and it took an extreme act of willpower for Felicia to resist seducing her on the spot.

Impulsive vampires are dead vampires.

So she spoke calmly with Erynthia, showed a moderate amount of interest in her, found out where she worked in the evening, then departed. Overwhelmed by lust, Felicia somehow survived the rest of the day and evening, waiting to visit The Drunken Duck only a few minutes before it closed. The relief in Erynthia’s eyes when she saw Felicia was obvious; she was already under the vampire’s spell. Felicia had a single glass of wine, then the tavern closed and Erynthia lead her upstairs, to a small room where the woman lived.

When the door closed behind them Felicia lost control. Within moments she had Erynthia’s blouse off and was sucking her breasts hungrily. The woman had large breasts that felt warm and heavy in Felicia’s hands, with tiny nipples that nevertheless became hard as the vampire flicked her tongue over them. Surprisingly soon though, Felicia found herself needing to move on. Normally she adored breasts, especially ones as large as these, but she felt compelled to move lower.

She pulled Erynthia’s pants off, more violently than intended. Something made a ripping sound, and the clasp popped off, flying through the air to land on a nearby dresser. Then she pushed Erynthia back onto her bed, her legs hanging over the edge, her feet still on the floor.

Felicia dropped to her knees, pushing the woman’s legs apart so that she had an unrestricted view of Erynthia’s pussy. Again, Felicia normally liked to take her time, study the pussy in front of her, wrap herself in thoughts of what the soft outer lips would feel like on her tongue, of what the first moment she sank her tongue in the wetness would taste like. But that wasn’t going to happen tonight. She moved closer, took hold of Erynthia’s wet pussy lips with her fingers, pulled the soft, slick folds apart, and dove in.

Calmness washed over Felicia as her tongue entered the woman’s pussy. Calmness tinged with the realization that, as soon as she had satisfied her need to eat pussy, she was going to need blood. Erynthia was just too warm and too close for Felicia to resist.

But not yet. While she still had her tongue inside Erynthia she was content. She wasn’t in a hurry anymore; she could relax and enjoy.

Plus, Felicia felt that it was only fair to make Erynthia come a few times.

Which wasn’t difficult. The woman’s body seemed to have no resistance to the vampire’s talents. She came quickly and easily, many times, before falling asleep.

And then Felicia climbed slowly on top of Erynthia. The woman’s eyes were closed in blissful satisfaction and she didn’t react.

As gently as she could, Felicia sunk her teeth into the woman’s neck.

Erynthia moaned, almost as she had when Felicia’s tongue entered her pussy, then relaxed and fell asleep.

The blood felt strange. It was the same temperature as Erynthia’s pussy juices, but thicker and not as slippery. It felt somehow more substantial; Felicia felt like she had eaten dessert first and was now moving on to the main course.

When she was done, she stood up and adjusted Erynthia’s legs so that she was lying fully on her bed. Felicia arranged her sleeping form to be comfortable, covered her with a blanket and departed.

Felicia’s body had been replenished, but her soul was filled with regret.


NOW IT WAS thirteen nights later, and she hadn’t fed since. She had seen Erynthia from afar a couple times, but of course the woman didn’t remember that night. Unless Felicia took special precautions, her victims would never remember. Nevertheless, Felicia had avoided her and done her best not to attract her attention in any way. It was dangerous to feed on the same person more than once.

Which wasn’t a problem—until tonight. Now she desperately wanted to taste Erynthia’s pussy again. And she knew that if she did, that she wouldn’t be able to resist drinking her blood as well.

Which is why I’m out here, alone, in the forest.

It was much easier out here. In town it was too easy to think of Erynthia’s wetness, and even if she kept her distance, there were still all the other warm bodies nearby. She might be able to resist going to The Drunken Duck, and she might be able to resist drinking from any of the other people that crossed her path, but she was reaching her breaking point. At some point, if temptation was near, her resolve would crumble and she would find her tongue inside some other woman and her teeth in her neck.

At least out here I can resist. For how long, I don’t know.

It hadn’t always been like this. At first she had loved being a vampire. For decades she had revelled in the rush of power that feeding brought to her and delighted in all the ways that vampirism enhanced her life. She was stronger and faster. She could see every detail of the world with clear eyes and hear tiny sounds of such immense beauty that no mortal could hope to perceive. And she was beyond the control of anyone; there were no hunters back then. She felt that she could do what she wanted, whenever she wanted.

But she needed to feed, and at first she needed to hurt and sometimes destroy. Early in her life as a vampire she felt justified, that she was a goddess and all the lesser folk should willingly give themselves to her. That feeling had faded. Now she knew that she was nothing better than a thief.

At least she wasn’t a killer anymore; she had learned how to avoid taking lives while feeding. Even so, she had the sneaking suspicion that she wasn’t just stealing blood from her victims, but some of their life too.

She needed to stop, but didn’t know how. 

If I were smart, I’d let the hunters catch me.

Thoughts like that were becoming too common these days.

Suddenly, she noticed someone standing in the trees ahead of her. They found me!

No, she could identify a hunter on sight, and this person wasn’t one of them. It was just a woman, or maybe even a girl, standing perfectly still and staring back at her.

Felicia slowed, but kept walking toward the woman. There was a definite argument to be made for turning away, as nothing good ever came of meeting strange people in the dark; vampires knew that better than anyone. As always though, curiosity got the better of her. Who is she? Is she waiting for me? How did she know I’d be here?

Plus, as much as Felicia didn’t want to admit it, she was hungry and that gave her an extra push forward.

I’m not going to feed. I’m not going to feed. I’m not going to feed.

If she said that enough, it might come true.

Well then, maybe I could just taste her. I’m sure this time I could stop at that.

No, I couldn’t.

She had covered about half the distance to the woman now, enough to make out some details. They were confusing.

The woman didn’t belong in the same forest as Felicia, didn’t belong in the same forest as a moody, possibly even suicidal vampire, didn’t belong any place where serious, depressing thoughts existed.

She was short, with pale white skin and bright rosy cheeks. Her clothing gave the impression of being for winter, but as Felicia got closer she realized that there was no possible way the clothing would keep anyone warm, especially on a frightfully cold night such as this. Her long coat was made of leather and dyed a deep shade of blue. It had a hood lined with white fur, but the woman wasn’t using it, leaving exposed her long, straight blonde hair. The coat itself, if it were thicker, might possibly have been warm, but it was thin and clung closely to the woman’s shape, accentuating her curves before flaring out at her hips in the manner of a skirt. On her legs she wore white stockings that blended into the snow behind her, and black shoes that were little more than slippers as they barely reached her ankles.

Felicia’s own clothing was merely for show as well, but it was still warm and functional. Not because she had any need for protection from the cold, but because she needed to blend in with everyone else. Walking around naked in the middle of winter just attracted too much attention.

This woman apparently didn’t fear the cold either, but she was no vampire. Felicia was sure of that.

So what is she then?

The woman was watching Felicia, her eyes wide and expressive, filled with bright expectation, her lips pink and glossy, perfect for both kissing and pouting.

No, she definitely doesn’t belong in a cold, dark forest with the likes of me. She belongs in a field of pink daisies, where birds perch on her shoulder and sing sweet songs and her biggest worry is what kind of candy to have for dinner.

In short, she was cute.

Unbearably cute.

Felicia found herself growing irritated, even angry. How can I be expected to think serious, sombre thoughts with this… delightful creature standing before me?

The anger within her shifted. Like every other thought these days, it became tinged with lust.

She’s here, waiting for me. What possible reason could there be, other than to satisfy my needs?

That was the old Felicia talking. The vampire. The part of herself that she hated.

Even so, Felicia didn’t know if she could hold herself back. The woman was too cute, too close and Felicia was too hungry. She wasn’t even sure what she wanted anymore: pussy or blood.

The woman licked her lips nervously, making them moist and a darker shade of red. Then she spoke, her voice lively and eager. “You’re Felicia?”

The woman’s voice was a surprise, as was the fact that she knew Felicia’s name. “Uh, yes.”

“Felicia the vampire?”

Felicia’s muscles tensed, preparing to run, or to fight. This isn’t good. She’s definitely not a hunter… but that doesn’t mean she isn’t dangerous. Maybe she’s bait, meant to distract me from the real threat. Felicia looked around again and listened with all her senses for any sign that someone else might be near, but there was nothing.

“I’m alone, don’t worry,” the woman said.

Felicia looked at her again. There was something… not wrong, but strange about the woman. Even calling her a woman felt odd. She certainly looked old enough to be a woman. If she were human Felicia would guess that she was about 25 years old, but her voice and facial expressions made her seem so much younger. She had such an air of innocence and naivety that ‘girl’ seemed so much more accurate.

On the other hand, she was so vibrantly sexual that Felicia felt like a virgin in comparison.

She tried to force that out of her mind. “You’re alone?” Felicia said. “Are you sure that’s wise?”

The girl just gave her a questioning look. 

“I mean,” Felicia explained, “do you think it’s wise to be alone with someone you think is a vampire?”

The girl smiled. “You won’t hurt me.”

“A hungry vampire…” Felicia added.

The girl took a moment to process that, then smiled demurely. “There are better things for you to do than hurt me.”


FELICIA AGREED wholeheartedly, but nevertheless the statement worried her. There were people whose lifelong dream was to fuck a vampire and Felicia avoided them on general principle; they were easy prey, but their stupidity left a bad taste in her mouth.

The girl clasped her hands behind her back, waiting for a response. The motion had the bonus effect of causing her chest to thrust out slightly, which drew Felicia’s gaze.

“Do you like my breasts?”

The question startled Felicia and she couldn’t think of an appropriate response. Instead she found herself studying the girl’s breasts, trying to imagine what they might look like unfettered by clothing. The way they pushed against the material suggested they really didn’t like being confined.

Noting Felicia’s continued interest, the girl raised herself onto her toes, thrusting out her chest still more in the process, then dropped back down. “Later on you’ll get to see them,” she said quietly, as if revealing a secret.

Felicia pulled her eyes upward. “What?”

 The girl leaned forward. “You’ll get to see my breasts,” she said, now almost whispering. “All you have to do is agree.”

Felicia felt a pang of annoyance; she could see the girl's breasts anytime she wanted to, and there was nothing the girl could do to stop her.

She shook herself. That’s the vampire talking. I must resist. Through clenched teeth she said, “Agree to what?”

The girl must have perceived that something was wrong. She pulled back, her cheeks reddening even more. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Why not?” Felicia said, trying to sound curious rather than intimidating. “What do you want me to agree to?”

The girl shook her head. “No, it’s not for me to say.”

“Say what? Who is it for to say?”

The girl considered the question very seriously then shook her head again. “No, I can’t tell you. You’ll just need to follow me. It’s not far. She’ll tell you.”

Felicia sighed. “I don’t suppose it’s worth asking who ‘she’ is.”

“Why, Ariel, of course!”


The girl looked shocked. “You don’t know who Ariel is?”

Felicia scoured her memory, trying to think of a famous woman named Ariel. “The only Ariel I’ve ever heard of is the Pixie Goddess.”

“Yes! That’s her!”


“That’s her! The Goddess Ariel!”

“A Goddess? Here? You’re taking me to see a Goddess?”


Felicia was dumbstruck. What did one say to that? Was she really supposed to believe that a Goddess was nearby and waiting to talk to her?

“You should follow me,” the girl said, turning to go in the direction Felicia was originally walking anyway.

Felicia finally managed to speak. “So you’re a Pixie then?”

The girl gave her an exasperated look. “Well… duh!”

Now things started to make sense: her unbearable cuteness, her inadequate clothing, and her excessively bright and eager personality.

Pixies were, not to put too fine a point on it, pleasure whores. They loved food, adored candy, and were unabashedly crazy about sex. They spent their lives absorbing every speck of pleasure around them, and more than that, they delighted in sharing their pleasure with others.

They were also notoriously reclusive. Not because they disliked or wished to avoid outsiders, but simply because they couldn’t blend with normal, everyday society. Pixies just want to fuck, tease, eat and play. In a fantasy world that might seem like a wonderful thing, but in reality their desires just brought chaos and disruption to all around them. Wherever they went, rampant jealously would inevitably follow and communities were known to break apart from their mere presence.

Felicia’s spine tingled. Looking at the girl before her, so cute and innocent, it was almost hard to imagine her as a lustful and promiscuous creature, much less one that could cause so much trouble. 

The Pixie bounced again, trying to call attention to her breasts again, but this time Felicia’s eyes were drawn to the Pixie’s face. Her expression was easy to read: don’t you want to fuck me?

Felicia gave her a smouldering look. The Pixie, more than she could possibly understand, was playing with fire.

Two minutes ago I was thinking about letting the hunters catch me. Now I’m thinking about pushing this Pixie down, ripping off her clothes and fucking her in the snow.

The image floated in her mind. The Pixie lying naked, her pale skin blending with the snow, her nipples bright red and erect with cold and excitement, eager to be sucked.

Felicia came to a decision. I can’t resist anymore, not tonight, not with a fresh Pixie standing in front of me.

She took a step closer to the Pixie, staring directly into her eyes. “So, you said I’d get to see your breasts,” Felicia said.

“I did,” said the Pixie, not breaking eye contact. “You just need to meet Ariel and agree.”

“What if I want to see your breasts first?” Felicia took another step forward. They were only about five feet apart now.

The Pixie winced. “You need to see Ariel first.”

“What if I promise to see Ariel… after I see your breasts?” Another step.

The Pixie looked to the side, her eyes darting around as she considered. “You’d need to promise to agree to her offer, too,” she said.

Well, that’s not an option, not without hearing it first. “What if you just let me kiss your nipples? I promise not to look.”

The Pixie looked longingly at Felicia, so much so that Felicia was certain the Pixie was about to agree.

But no. “Ariel said that I’m not allowed to let you taste me until you meet her. She was very specific about that.”

What an odd thing to tell a Pixie, and odder still that the Pixie’s actually willing to obey.

Felicia took one last small step and was now standing directly in front of the Pixie. She really was short; the top of her head was even with Felicia’s chin and she had to look up to maintain eye contact. “What about—” Felicia began.

“I’m not allowed to taste you either,” the Pixie said, sounding heartbroken.

So much for that. There’s only one thing left to do. She leaned in, putting her face next to the Pixie. Almost magnetically, the Pixie responded and brought her face closer so that they were cheek to cheek. “What’s your name?” Felicia whispered softly, making sure her breath tickled the Pixie ear.

“Uhh,” the Pixie stammered. “Mint.”

“Well, Mint,” Felicia said, still very quietly. “You realize that you just said no to a vampire.”

“You won’t hurt me,” the Pixie said, just as she had before.

Felicia ignored that. “You have a vampire who wants to fuck you,” she said, pronouncing the word fuck very slowly, “and you said no.”

“I didn’t say no,” the Pixie protested. “I said later, after you meet Ariel and agree.”

“Well then, can I fuck you right now?” Felicia asked.

Mint noticed the trap and didn’t say anything.

“That’s a no,” Felicia said. “And you know what the penalty for saying no to a vampire is, don’t you?”

Mint shook her head.

Felicia pulled back and gave the Pixie a sweet smile. “You should start walking.”

Mint gave her a puzzled look.

Felicia pointed in the direction the Pixie had wanted to go. “You were going to take me to see Ariel, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” the Pixie said uncertainly. “But what about—”

“Your penalty?”

Mint nodded.

Felicia just gave her the most evilly suggestive smile she could manage.


MINT LEAD THE WAY through the forest. They were still walking in the exact same direction Felicia had been going in the first place, so it was unclear why the Pixie was necessary at all. The obvious answer was that she was meant as a distraction. It was not uncommon for the hunters to set up ambushes, but so far Felicia had managed to escape from every single one of them. When a vampire was paying attention it was almost impossible to surprise or sneak up on her, and Felicia was always paying attention.

Except… a large part of her attention was on the Pixie right now.

Felicia tried to rectify that. She forced herself to keep scanning the forest in all directions and tried to keep her ears open for anything out of the ordinary. The trees were relatively thin trunked and sparse here, so there really weren’t any good places to hide. It was possible that the hunters might use magic to hide themselves, but such magic always left telltale traces and Felicia could usually spot them.

Every few minutes Mint would look back over her shoulder. At first she just gave Felicia quick glances, her expression filled with a combination of lust and fear. However, as time went on the looks grew longer and the fear was gradually replaced by a mix of courage and naughtiness. At first Felicia ignored the glances, as looking at the Pixie could only lead to thinking about doing fun and exciting things to her.

Keep my attention on the forest. Ignore her breasts. I’m sure they’re very pert and bouncy and would feel very nice in my hands…

Stop that! Focus on the forest. Focus on the forest.

However, after a while the Pixie became impossible to ignore: her looks were becoming longer and much too frequent, and with the last look, Felicia was positive that the Pixie had slowly licked her lips.

I need to put a stop to this. At least until we meet Ariel.

The next time Mint started to turn her head, Felicia made certain that she was staring at the Pixie, intent and unblinking. When Mint looked at her and realized that Felicia was already looking back at her she instantly blushed and turned away. Felicia returned her attention to scanning the forest. A minute later, when the Pixie started to turn her head again, Felicia resumed her stare. This time she allowed one eyebrow to raise slightly, as if saying I’m ready anytime you are. Mint again turned away.

A few minutes later the Pixie stopped. “We’re here,” she said and gave a quick look back. Felicia continued her pretence of staring, and the Pixie averted her eyes. But a moment later she looked back again and stared right at Felicia, matching the vampire’s intense stare with an impish Pixie smile. “We’re here,” she repeated.

Realizing that it was a battle she couldn’t win right now, Felicia pulled her eyes away from Mint and looked around. There was nothing here, only untouched snow and trees, just like everywhere else in the forest.

Then there was a ripple in the air in front of them. It wobbled on the edge of perception for a moment then exploded outward, an expanding sphere that instantly encompassed both Felicia and the Pixie.

Inside the sphere the air was warm and humid. It was still night, but here the moon was overhead, brightening things considerably even with the leaf-filled trees partially blocking the sky. There was no snow on the ground, just dirt, grass and scruffy-looking flowers.

Then the sphere contracted, again leaving Felicia standing in the snow, but it didn’t completely implode. Instead it shrunk to about fifteen feet across and stabilized, still glowing with moonlight, leaving a clearly demarcated ring on the ground with grass on the inside and snow on the outside.

A woman was standing in the middle of the sphere, leaning against a tree, her light rainbow-hued wings gently fluttering. Felicia was sure that she hadn’t been there a moment ago when the sphere first expanded, but she was there now. She was a Pixie, that much was certain, even though she looked older and wiser than any Pixie Felicia could have imagined. It wasn’t that her face looked old, as her skin was perfectly smooth, but she had the same uncanny expression that Felicia had only seen in the eldest of vampires.

She was still supremely cute, however, a feat which no vampire could ever duplicate.


Wings. They seemed like such a natural part of the woman that Felicia hadn’t even really noticed their existence.

Of course, Pixies have wings! She looked at Mint, trying to see if the Pixie’s coat could be concealing a pair of wings.

Mint seemed to understand why Felicia was looking at her. She made an exaggerated shrugging motion with her shoulders that caused the back of her coat to expand. She didn’t actually show her wings, but something was definitely there.

Felicia turned back to the new Pixie, who gave her a slight bow. Her eyes sparkled like the snow, reflecting the moon and stars with a mix of serenity and suppressed mirth.

“Ariel?” Felicia asked, making a small bow herself.

Goddess Ariel,” Mint quickly corrected.

The new Pixie held up one hand. “Just Ariel.”

“You’re not a Goddess then?” Felicia asked without really thinking. Mint gave a little gasp. “No offence,” Felicia added quickly.

Ariel gave an unconcerned shrug. “Goddess… maybe. It doesn’t matter.”

Mint was already fidgeting impatiently. “You should ask her,” she said to Ariel.

“Ask her what?” Ariel said with a look of  confusion.

Felicia saw the anguished expression on Mint’s face and had to suppress a smile. I see I’m not the only one that likes to tease her.

“Ask her about… you know!” Mint said, as if that explained it.

“Yes,” Felicia agreed, “please ask me. She won’t show me her breasts until you do.”

Ariel studied Felicia. “Is that why you followed her?”

Felicia shrugged. “In part. I also didn’t have anything else in particular to do.”

“You were just wandering the forest, alone?”

“I didn’t feel like staying in town. It felt a little… overcrowded.”

Ariel nodded. “So it’s true. You don’t want to feed.”

How could she possibly know that? I certainly haven’t told anyone.

“I’ve been watching you,” Ariel explained, without waiting for Felicia to ask. “You haven’t been feeding much the past few months.”

Felicia felt a splash of fear. She had been so alert, so careful to keep from drawing attention to herself. Hunters were always looking for her, or others like her, and she prided her ability to know when someone had seen her and recognized her for what she was. That this Pixie could spy on her, unnoticed for months or more, left her feeling unsettled, almost violated.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. Mint had come up beside her and was now giving her a look that was oddly sympathetic. “She’s a Goddess, I told you. She can do things the rest of us can’t understand.”

But Felicia’s attention wasn’t on the Pixie’s words. This was the first time that Mint had touched her and even through the fabric of her coat she could feel a tingly warmth emanating from the Pixie’s hand. She gave Mint a startled look, but the Pixie misinterpreted the reason for it. “Don’t worry. She didn’t do it to hurt you.” The tingling sensation was fading, but the warmth remained.

Felicia looked back at Ariel, who had a knowing look, as if she understood exactly what was happening. “She’s surprising, isn’t she?” Ariel said.

Felicia nodded. Mint’s hand was still on her shoulder, but she tried to ignore it. “So you’ve been watching me?”

“Yes,” Ariel agreed, “for a few years, actually.”

Years… She tried to ignore that. “Why?”

“We may be able to help you with your problem.”

Felicia snorted. “You can take away a vampire’s need to drink blood? Will you take away my need to breathe too?”

Ariel didn’t react to the outburst. “In the short term, yes, we can take away your need for blood.”



“In the long term,” Ariel continued, “we might be able to do that too.”

“But… why?” was all Felicia could say.

“The solution, the long term solution, well… we don’t have it. We need your help to find it.”

Felicia thoughts were swirling with questions. How could there be a cure for vampirism? Why had she never heard of such a thing? Was it even possible? What could it be? Why would Pixies want it?

She settled on just the last question. “But… why do you want it? What possible use could it be to you?”

For the first time Ariel looked uncertain. “I can’t tell you that, not yet.”

Felicia considered asking for specifics about what the solution was, but knew that there would be a price to pay for the information. She looked at Mint, who looked apprehensive, her hand still on Felicia’s shoulder. “Mint tells me that I need to agree to something,” she said, looking back at Ariel.

“Yes, that part’s simple. You just need to agree to help us find the solution and to share it with us when you acquire it.”

“That’s it?”


Felicia was confused; it was too simple. “Why are you so concerned that I share it with you? Why wouldn’t I? What possible use for it could I have after it’s removed my curse?”

“The solution isn’t just a simple potion. It will have other uses. I need to be certain that you won’t claim it as your own and not share it with us.”

“And you’ll just take my word for it?”

“I can hold you to your word, so yes.” There was a flash of deep knowledge in Ariel’s eyes, and Felicia had no doubt that she was telling the truth.

Felicia briefly considered the proposal, but her choice seemed clear. How could she refuse even the possibility of never needing to feed on blood again? Her heart soared at the thought.

“But you can’t agree just yet,” Ariel said.

Felicia was puzzled, but Mint responded first, her hand squeezing Felicia’s shoulder tightly. “Why can’t she agree now?”

Ariel looked at Mint. “We haven’t told her the rest. She needs to understand the short term solution too.”

Mint’s grip loosened. “Oh, right. I guess that makes sense.”

“The short term solution?” Felicia said.

“Yes, we can remove your compulsion for blood,” Ariel said, “or rather, we can replace it.”

“Replace it? With what?” Felicia had never heard of any other substance that could fulfill a vampire’s needs. It had to be the blood of a sentient.

Ariel just smiled obliquely.

“Well?” Felicia said, growing impatient.

Mint leaned in, putting her mouth close to Felicia’s ear. “With me,” she said quietly.

Felicia looked at her in surprise. “What?”

Mint nodded, her eyes wide, looking more sweet and innocent than ever. That made what she said next all the more incongruous. “Pixie cum.”

“What?” I couldn’t have heard that right!

“Pixie cum,” Mint repeated, a bit louder.

Felicia looked at Ariel. “Is she serious?”

Ariel nodded. “Completely.”


“Why haven’t you heard of this before?” Ariel supplied.


“Because it’s our darkest secret. Pixie cum is addictive.”

“Addictive?” Felicia had never tried any of the magic drugs that were available in every city, but she had seen the effect they had on people. “You mean like Golem Dust, or Blot?”

“More. Much more. Addictive like blood to a vampire.”

“Really? Then why haven’t I heard of it? Why aren’t there druggies in every slum begging for more… Pixie Cum?” It was hard to say, it sounded so ridiculous.

“Because no one knows. We never let anyone taste it more than once.”

“Really?” Felicia ran through her memories, trying to remember any tales of someone having more than one encounter with a Pixie. She couldn’t.

“Yes, one taste is safe. Two might be okay. Three and you need to live with Pixies for the rest of your life.”

“Has that happened?” Felicia could imagine Pixie villages filled with humans and elves and dwarves, all begging for their next taste of Pixie. It was almost funny.

“Yes, a long time ago. We don’t let it happen any more.”

“But you want me to… become addicted?”

“Yes, I’m quite certain that it will replace your need for blood.”

“Quite certain? You don’t know?” Felicia hardly wanted two addictions.

Ariel shook her head. “No, I don’t know. This is why I don’t want you to agree just yet. You need to test what I’m telling you.”

“Test?” Felicia looked at Mint, who was quivering slightly and appeared ready to burst.

“Yes,” Ariel said. “You want to taste her anyway, don’t you?”

“I do,” Felicia admitted.

“Then do so, make her come. I think you’ll find that your need for blood will be gone, at least for a while, maybe even a week.”

Felicia’s gaze was locked with Mint’s. The Pixie’s eyes, always so expressive, were yelling out Eat Me! Felicia tried to ignore that and managed to say, “And if my need for blood remains?” 

“Then nothing,” Ariel said. “You had your one taste of Pixie cum and you go on your way.”

“You won’t still want me to find this long term solution of yours?”

“No, we need to work in secret. We can’t have you running around feeding on people and attracting vampire hunters. We’ll go our separate ways.”

“Okay then. So, do I just start?”

“Yes!” Mint said.

“No,” Ariel corrected calmly and looked at Mint. “You had a request.”

“Oh, I forgot,” Mint said, looking embarrassed, her eyes still locked with Felicia’s.

“What is it?” Felicia said, her voice strained. Now that the opportunity to relieve—or replace—her hunger was near, she was starting to lose control.

Neither Pixie said anything.

“Well?” Felicia said.

“Mint should tell you,” Ariel said. “It’s her request after all.” Then she was gone: Ariel, her sphere of summer, everything. Felicia knew without even breaking eye contact with Mint.

“Well?” Felicia repeated.

Mint bit her lower lip, looking a little frightened. “Before you eat me…”


“I need to taste you.”

“What?” Felicia didn’t know what to expect, but that wasn’t it.

“Once you eat me, you won’t be a pure vampire anymore. I want to taste you while you still are.”

Strangely, the request didn’t strike Felicia as odd. It makes as much sense as anything else that’s happened tonight. Opportunities to lick a vampire’s pussy can’t come along often, not safely anyway. Hell, I’ve never even tasted one.

Unfortunately, right now her lust for blood was growing too strong; there was a dull thudding in her ears; her heart and Mint’s, beating in rhythm. She needed blood, or she needed pussy. “I don’t think I can let you go first,” she said, and realized that she was leaning down, bringing her face closer to the Pixie’s neck. “I’ve let things go too far.”

Mint’s eye’s shimmered as if she might cry. “I’ve never, ever tasted a vampire before,” she said very quietly. “None of my friends have either.”

Felicia felt the Pixie’s dismay as if it were her own. Curiosity and desire, a desperate need to taste an aroused vampire… almost like a need to drink blood, and Felicia understood that completely.

“I can hurry…” Mint said, but she sounded like she had given up hope.

A moment of epiphany: to give up being a vampire, I must let another feed on me.

“Hurry,” was all she could say.

It was enough; Mint understood. Her expression grew serious, although she didn’t stop smiling. She gave Felicia a strong push and the vampire didn’t resist, letting herself fall back into the snow.


FELICIA STARED at the clear sky above her as she felt the shoes being yanked off her feet and the clasp of her pants being undone. Then in one swift motion her pants were off and her bare feet and naked bottom were in the snow.

As a vampire, she didn’t mind the cold, but it was still a shock and it heightened her awareness of what was happening below her waist. The Pixie had pushed her legs apart and was kneeling between them. Felicia felt herself being studied, felt Mint’s eyes on her pussy, felt the Pixie’s hunger.

Or is that my own?

Then Mint lay on her stomach, propped up on her elbows. In a moment Felicia could feel a slight breeze on her pussy, as if the Pixie had her mouth a hair’s-breadth away. The air was icy cold.

Something nuzzled against her, maybe a nose or a tongue, threatening to slide inside her. Whatever it was, it was cold, but Felicia welcomed it. She raised her bottom off the snow, wanting whatever it was to press into her harder, but the Pixie pulled away and Felicia lowered her bottom again.

Then something entered her. For the briefest moment it was hard and shockingly cold, but in an instant it became warm and soft. A tongue.

Felicia imagined her own tongue sliding into the Pixie’s pussy: warm, wet, pulsing with life. The thought almost made her push Mint away. I should be licking her. I need to be tasting her. I should force her back into the snow, rip off her clothes, spread her legs…

But then, gradually, the Pixie’s tongue inside her brought a sense of calm. The vampire part of her relaxed, the hunger subsided. A strange memory popped into Felicia’s mind. Something she hadn’t thought about in years. That night with Rennara, when I realized what she was and I felt her teeth slide into my neck. When I became a vampire.

Why would I think of that now?

Then the memory faded and Felicia felt the warmth within her spreading. Her body had been cold for so long, she was like a sculpture of ice melting in the sun, except the heat was within her. Her pussy was becoming wet and slick, melting, droplets of lust surely dripping into the snow, sizzling in a burst of steam.

Felicia felt a surge of reflected pleasure. Mint’s definitely getting a good taste of vampire.

Then there was a surge of another kind. The Pixie was obeying Felicia’s last request, hurrying, pushing her to orgasm faster than Felicia had ever thought possible. Mint’s tongue found the vampire’s clit and pressed against it, firmly but not moving, pressing harder, then harder still.

Felicia’s legs spasmed, squeezing the Pixie’s head tightly. She raised her bottom again then twisted to the side, pulling the Pixie around with her. Mint’s tongue didn’t lose contact with Felicia’s clit, somehow finding a way to press harder. The spasm spread through the rest of Felicia’s body, then was gone.

She relaxed, settling back into the snow, releasing her hold on the Pixie’s head. Mint didn’t move for a moment, still holding her tongue against Felicia’s clit, then she pulled away, sending another tremor through Felicia’s body.

Mint sat up so that she was kneeling in the snow. Still relaxed, Felicia looked at her and had to laugh at the pleased look on the Pixie’s face, wet with vampire lust.

Then, with a ferocious internal growl, Felicia’s hunger awoke. With no reason to wait any longer she sat up and pushed the Pixie backward forcefully, causing Mint to abruptly unfurl her wings. A thousand shades of bright sparkly green extended out on either side of her, cushioning her fall.

Huh. She must have slits cut into the back of her coat. I wonder why she’s kept her wings hidden?

But her mind really wasn’t on such questions, especially as Mint was now lying on her back, her eyes wide and expectant.

Felicia rolled onto her knees, put her hands into the snow by Mint’s feet. “Spread your legs,” she said and the Pixie didn’t hesitate. Felicia looked down and as Mint pulled her legs apart, the flared part of her coat rose up, revealing that her white tights only went halfway up her thighs. Above, she was completely bare, the pale skin of her legs just slightly pinker than the snow beneath her, her pussy pinker still and without hair, puffy lips lying open and waiting.

Felicia crawled forward between the Pixie’s legs, her knees making soft crunching noises in the snow, until her head was just above Mint’s pussy. She didn’t take the time to admire the first Pixie pussy she had seen, or to comment on how pretty it was. She wasn’t really thinking anymore. She dropped down, letting her arms slide under the Pixie’s thighs and, almost as if she were a starved animal, brought her mouth to Mint’s pussy.

However, when her lips touched Mint’s flesh, she was startled into a semblance of thought. Mint’s pussy, which looked incredibly warm, soft and inviting, was actually cold and hard, as if it were literally frozen.

But the scent was there, moist Pixie excitement, exactly as Felicia expected. It demanded to be tasted.

Hard or soft, Felicia still couldn’t resist and she put her tongue out, expecting to experience something like the icy treats she ate in the summer, except Pixie flavoured, and for a moment that was what she got. Then the wetness of her tongue seemed to melt the frozen exterior. As an experiment, she took one of the Pixie’s pussy lips into her mouth and held it there. It was cold—colder than snow or ice, but just for a moment, then it melted and softened, so that in an instant it was supple and resilient to the touch and tasted exactly like Felicia expected: like pussy, but sweeter.

She licked the rest of Mint’s pussy, now enjoying the sensation, initial hard coldness, melting into warm softness.

But something was wrong. Mint tasted wonderful, but she wasn’t wet. Felicia felt a flash of concern, that without liquid her hunger couldn’t be satisfied.

Trying to fight the desperation that was starting to spread through her, Felicia slid her tongue inside the Pixie’s pussy. It was cold, almost painfully so, and Felicia couldn’t push her tongue in very far, but she didn’t pull back, knowing, or hoping, that the cold couldn’t last.

Then, slower than before, she felt Mint’s pussy soften and become warmer. She pushed a little deeper, felt a brief chill, then a sudden warmth. More than warmth. Heat. The sudden shift in temperature almost hurt, even though Felicia knew it was hot only by comparison to before.

The heat spread, warming Mint’s pussy and outward. Suddenly her thighs, pressed against Felicia’s cheeks, felt warm as well.

Following the warmth was wetness. It flowed over Felicia’s tongue, tangy and slightly sweet, bringing an instant sense of calmness to the vampire.

Mint gave a little moan, then thrust her pussy into Felicia’s face. “I’m coming!” she cried out, announcing it with an unusual amount of joy.

Already? In spite of the pure pleasure she was tasting, Felicia felt a twinge of disappointment. I’ve only just begun!

But the Pixie was definitely coming; her body was tense and her fingers were gripping Felicia’s head, trying to pull it even closer. “I’m coming,” she repeated, quieter this time.

Then something hot touched the tip of Felicia’s tongue. Really hot. The same Pixie juice she had been enjoying, but sweeter, with a hint of some mystery flavour.

And something else happened. A sensation washed over Felicia, or rather, it washed away from her. A pain that she hadn’t even recognized as painful was gone.

She didn’t need blood anymore. The lust, so long a part of her, was no more.

Ariel had said this would happen, that Pixie cum would replace her need for blood. She also said that this first time she could taste Mint without fear of addiction.

Felicia still had a choice to make, even though the Pixie option was so clearly superior to remaining a vampire: hunt people and drain their blood, or pleasure Pixies and drink their sweet juices.

Pixie cum: it just seems too good to be true.

She sighed. Her face was still nestled between Mint’s legs. Not really the place one would expect to be making life-changing decisions.

Still, there’s no reason I have to decide right away.

She stuck her tongue out. Mint’s pussy was still wet and sweet.

Ariel said that it would be risky to taste Mint twice.

She licked upward, eliciting a moan from the Pixie.

But I haven’t really finished tasting her once yet…

She stuck her tongue back inside Mint.

…Have I?

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