5 October 2013

October News

As part of my renewed goal to keep my blog up to date (and maybe even interesting!), I’ll be writing here at least monthly to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on and coming up!

Episodes 3 and 4 of the Pixie Chix - Tales of a Lesbian Vampire series are finally available on the Apple iBookstore. These are the first two books that I’ve published directly with Apple, rather than going through Smashwords. The upside for you is that the books look just a little bit prettier now (the reasons for which are a long story of their own).

I’ve finished the initial draft of Episode 5 (as yet untitled), which features Felicia’s first adventure with Winter, and a meeting with one of Felicia’s old flames. Now it just needs a few rounds of proofreading and editing. It should be out by the end of October (mid November on the iBookstore, as it takes time for them to approve things).

As well, I’ve written a story/novella entitled “The Reluctant Nymph”, as part of my Lesbian Tales of Sex and Magic series. It’s the story of Queen Seryssa, who is tired of women that just want to “fuck the Queen” and has a fantasy that she keeps secret even from herself. It too should be out late this month.

Further along…

  • I’ll be writing and releasing one Pixie story a month, at least until the ten episode run is complete.
  • I have a few short stories that I wrote quite a while ago, that I wrote for my own… amusement, shall we say? Unlike my current stories, they all take place in the “real world” (don’t worry, they’re still quite delicious). I’m going to clean them up and release them as a collection, likely in November.
  • I have the fragments of an idea for my next novella. Bizarrely, it’s inspired by a picture I saw from the video game Dark Souls, which is about as far from sexy as you can get. It will be fun to see what fun girls can have in such an eerie environment. Its tentative title is “You Can’t Catch Devils with Angels”.

Thanks for reading!