26 January 2014

January, Sweet January!

Ooops! I didn't quite make my October goal of keeping my blog up to date, but it's January now and time to fix all that!

Episode 7 of the Pixie Chix will be out next weekend. I still haven't settled on a final title, but my current favourite is Flowers, Goddesses and Kisses, Oh My!

The final three episodes of Season One will be out at the end of February, March and April. After that… I have a lot of ideas that are trying to get my attention. We'll have to see which one steps forward to have her way with me :)

Which leads to a Pixie named Blue, who is someone I'm sure you'd all like to meet. I'm writing a special episode about her that's related to the events of Season One but doesn't feature Felicia. This episode is free for readers of my newsletter, and it won't be available in stores.

And so … would you like to be a Pixie?

If you said YES! then click on Contact and sign up for Pixie Flash! You'll be the first to know when new stories are released, plus you'll get the exclusive story I mentioned above.

The first Pixie Flash! will arrive next weekend, to coincide with the release of Episode 7.

In other story news, I've been writing some real life erotic stories. No magic, just things like … the challenge of having proper fun at a New Year's Eve party, and how to give the best birthday present to two women at once (and it's not what you think). It will also have a “first time” story (which oddly, is something I've never written before). I'll release them as a single collection once I have a reasonable number to share, possibly in March. They've a lot of fun to write, so I imagine they'll be fun to read too!

As for the spooky, darker story I mentioned in October, it's still bumping around in my head. I do have a character that fascinates me, who I want to follow around and get naked with a few times, but I still haven't figured out what to do with her (other than the obvious). I do have a sneaking suspicion that this may turn into my first novel, especially as I don't think her story will split into nice bite-sized bits like Felicia's.

Finally, I want to thank you all for your support, whether through emails or wonderful reviews. It really makes it easier to keep writing when I know people are enjoying my words!

Thank you thank you thank you!