12 March 2014

The Pixies Are Getting Restless!

Ay, chihuahua!

Do you ever feel like you’re being pulled in a hundred directions?

I’ve been trying to slide into writing full time this year, but wow, things can tangle up in a hurry. I can’t even say that I know WTF has happened over the past month, but I do know that I’m falling behind! Pixies and all sorts of other girls with NEEDS have been clamouring for my attention, and it quite literally has been driving me crazy that I can’t satisfy them all!

Okay Zeph, be calm … Take deep breaths. That’s better.

Don’t worry, I’m getting settled in to make another run at it, and more stories and more Pixies are coming!

My bonus Pixie story, The Pixie Thief, is written but needs another few layers of polish. Episode 8 is halfway done and mostly wraps up the storyline that began in episode 5.

Stay tuned, and thank you for all your patience!

Many licks and smiles,